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Electric Scooter


Fiqsy - make it where you need it quickly and comfortably!



Take it, ride it, leave it

Fiqsy users undertake to


Comply with Fiqsy terms of use and other road traffic regulations


Ride only on bicycle paths. Where they are not available - on pedestrian walkways. Never to ride on the road


Respect yourself and others (ride without disturbing pedestrians, cyclists and other road users)


Use safety helmet where it is needed to protect yourself and/or due to any other road regulations


Not to carry any passengers or any extra baggage (Fiqsy is meant to be driven by one person at a time)


Not to ride while being under the influence of alcohol, drugs and/or other psychotropic substances


Not to ride if you haven't reached full 18 years of age

For our experience to be as enjoyable as possible, take care of yourself, the rest of the traffic and Fiqsy!

How to use Fiqsy

1. Open Fiqsy app

Download the Fiqsy App from your phone's App Store or Google Play Store. When it is downloaded, read the introduction with a short guide and register to be able to drive!

2. Find Fiqsy on the map

Find the nearest Fiqsy electric scooter on the map displayed on our App. Make sure that the battery is charged sufficiently for your planned ride. Go after the Fiqsy.

3. Scan or input the code

To start using Fiqsy, stand next to the scooter and scan the QR code or input the code manually.

4. Start riding

Fold up the kickstand. To begin moving, stand on the Fiqsy with one leg and push with the other. To continue riding, push and hold the “gas” button with your thumb. Keep both legs on Fiqsy deck while riding.

5. Slowing down

To slow down and stop, let go of the “gas” button and gradually push the break. Just to be safe, keep both legs on the deck.

6. Where to ride

Ride the scooter only on bicycle paths and pedestrian sidewalks. Use bicycle paths as much as possible. Never ride on the street. Always respect the pedestrians and other road users.

Leave responsibly

Always end your ride in the "green zone", which is indicated on the Fiqsy app's map.

Leave Fiqsy so that it doesn’t obstruct pedestrians and other road users and doesn’t block any entrances, and is accessible to the next Fiqsy user.

Where possible, park your Fiqsy near bicycle stands so that it doesn't unnecessarily obstruct any pedestrians and cyclists.

Make sure that the Fiqsy kickstand is lowered and that scooter is standing stable.

For business partners

Challenges in Riga city centre

Air and noise pollution.

Limited possibilities for parking private transports and increased number of cars.

Increasing demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

Limited mobility (one to five kilometres) solutions in the central part of the city.

Company Challenges

Employees spend part of their working day attending meetings outside of offices and visiting clients. One of the challenges is to find the most accurate, quickest and economically advantageous opportunity for the employees to travel.

One of the solutions is the active daily use of sharing electric scooters

Our vision is to offer tomorrow's comfortable, ecological and innovative mobility solutions for the day-to-day management of short distance travels. This would allow air and noise pollution to be reduced in our city, helping it to become an internationally recognised and attractive hub for green innovation.

Collaboration offer

We offer a new mobility solution if you would want to overcome the 2-5 km distance in central part of the city. A collaboration agreement will be negotiated, a coordinated place shall be agreed on where a number of electric scooters are deployed on a daily basis and added during the day, if necessary.

How will it work?

We offer your employees a special tariff for the first year of our cooperation. For this tariff to be used, the employee must be authorised with the company's e-mail address. Employees shall pay for the use of scooters themselves.

What will you gain?

Position yourself as a sustainable business that is thinking about our urban environment and contributing to the reductions of transport-related problems in the city.

Efficiency in the use of personnel resources without wasting employees' time.

To be deemed as green and innovative thinking, both in internal communication and in public when speaking about this project.

Let’s build a future without congestion and pollution together!


Write to partneri@fiqsy.com

About us

We're all moving. Because we have to be in time. We do everything we can on the phone or on computer, but we have to run here and there nevertheless. Right down to the center, across the bridges. From work to home, on lunchbreaks. It always is a kilometer then a second one and a third one. And waiting in traffic to get from one end of Elizabeth Street to other is really not in our style.

We like FREEDOM, so better let's not limit your chances with certain boxes. You'll have a network of powerful electronic cooters. Don't be tied to special checkout and parking places or keys. Get our app and become one of us who uses Fiqsy in our daily lives - dynamic, comfortable and suitable travel in downtown Riga.

Simple - just take it, ride it, leave it. And repeat. Together, we save the world little by little. Well, still just a little. But it matters anyway. And it is pleasant. Because one man can save the world, too. You just need to start. As simple as that. Because life is complicated enough already. And everything needs to be done in time.

What do we like?

To make complicated things a little bit easier.


Who are we?

Māris, Anna and… In one word, insiders. A Latvian company that has emerged there and understands how to make life a little easier in Riga. And faster, reducing the rush and applying a bit of wisdom.


What do we appreciate?

If you tried it and if you liked it, and that you would recommend this to your friends too. And tell us if you would like something to be different, better.


Will we save the world?

Possibly not. But we can mend it up a little (well, at least Riga) and make it a better place to live, work, catch up in.


Tel. number


+371 25480010





Social media


Facebook - @FiqsyLatvia

Instagram - @FiqsyLatvija