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Electric Scooter


Unblocking: When You have found the electric scooter on Fiqsy App map and have gone up to the scooter, unlock it either by scanning QR code, or entering it's number manually. If it's dark outside - You can use flashlight while scanning  the code. One user can unlock one electric scooter at the same time.


Launching: To start using the electric scooter, first push your feet against the ground and then push the "gas" button on the right side. (it's stationed for comfortable usage with your thumb) Start your ride slowly, to get used to gas and break power.


Stopping and parking: For the safety of yourself and others, please make sure that you have placed the electric scooter in the green zone specified on Fiqsy App. When you have placed the electric scooter after a ride, make sure that you have placed it where it doesn't bother pedestrians and other means of transport. It is not allowed to place electric scooter in underground parking places, tunnels and red areas specified on Fiqsy App. Make sure that the scooter does not block any ramps, entrances and exits from the doors and gates, or bicycle paths. To complete the journey, place the scooter in accordance with the rules and press “end of journey” on Fiqsy App. You will be asked to take a picture of the positioned electric scooter which will help next user to find it.

Fiqsy offers a fixed price for unlocking the electric scooter and then for every minute travelled. Current price is 1Eur for pick up and then 0.10Eur/min.

When logging into the Fiqsy App, we recommend that you add payment information right away so you can enjoy the journey. You can do this in the “Wallet” section or when you scan the QR code for the first time, you will be asked to add a payment card.


You can continue to pay from the card for each trip, or add credit in your “Wallet” from which the payment will be drawn after each trip. If you want to add credit, go to your “Wallet” and choose the amount you want to add to it, and then press the “add” button.

If you see an unknown or incorrect Fiqsy payment on your bank statement, contact us. We will examine the situation and adjust the payment.

You will only be responsible if you did not lock the electric scooter after the end of driving, which resulted in theft. You have full responsibility for the electric scooter from the time of unclocking to locking it.

No, You do not need a driver's licence to use Fiqsy electric scooters.

Sometimes it might be that the scooter doesn't connect with your phone. Take the following steps:


1) Try to restart your Fiqsy App while you are standing next to the electric scooter;


2) Then open the application again and try again;


3) If it doesn't work, try turning off and on your bluetooth;


4) If the problem continues, drive the scooter around a little and try again.


If the problem doesn't go away anyway, contact our support team through Fiqsy's App or website and they'll end your ride.

You must be at least 18 years old to use Fiqsy.

Yes, we recommend that You to use a helmet every time you ride our electric scooter. Take care of your safety!

No, never use Fiqsy if You are under the influence of alcohol or other psychotropic substances. It is a violation of the Fiqsy Terms of Use that you agreed to follow, when you registered in aplicattion, and also a violation of law.

Accidents happen, we understand it - don't worry. Please notify our support centre of what has happened by reporting the problem with the electric scooter's ID number (under the QR code) and a small description of what has happened. Then finish the journey ASAP, so that our team can fix the electric scooter.

There may be a number of reasons why you can't unlock the electric scooter. There may be a weak signal between Fiqsy electric scooter and the phone, or the electric scooter has been switched off due to low battery levels. Here are a few things you can do:


a) Close and reopen the Fiqsy app (do not delete it, just restart it);


b) Make sure that bluetooth and Internet connection are switched on;


c) Make sure your phone is “updated”;


d) Make sure that Fiqsy's scooter has a battery level of more than 20% (you can see it on the application)


e) Stand, with the telephone in hand,  as close as possible to the scooter. If nothing works, please immediately report this problem to the support centre.

A weak phone signal may have an effect on finding the electric scooter. Sometimes the electric scooter can hide 50-100 m from the location shown on the map. The GPS signals, unfortunately, are sometimes not accurate to millimetres.


Look around a little, maybe someone has tried to ride the scooter a little without unlocking it or hiding it indoors. Look behind big objects. You can ring a scooter in the application, which could help you find it!


If the scooter cannot be found, please declare it as missing by pressing “Missing” on the Fiqsy App.

No, please don't take Fiqsy electric scooters indoors. You are not allowed to take Fiqsy with you to home or keep it at night, where other drivers, or Fiqsy employees cannot reach it. If you leave Fiqsy where our employees cannot access it, you may have to repay Fiqsy for the scooter.

When you have gotten to your final destination point, you end the journey by making sure you are in the green zone area, do not interfere with pedestrians and other means of transport, and do not cross the gates, passageways, public access zones.Then press "end the journey" button.

Our employees pick up Fiqsy electric scooters every night and bring them to Fiqsy home. There they are charged overnight and left out early in the morning to be ready to help you.

Definitely! We are trying to introduce a more nature-friendly mobility option, as well as an alternative to many other vehicles

Fiqsy uses the same smart batteries that are used by Tesla or other electric car makers. Our lectric scooters are equipped with Lithium-ion batteries that have a lower environmental impact and are sustainable.

You can go to the “History” section on the Fiqsy App. Find the necessary ride and press on it. You'll see all the information of this trip, including the costs.

If you started at a very low battery level please:


1) On Fiqsy App report it as a “damaged scooter” if you can scan or manually input an ID number;


2) Contact our support centre, they will certainly help!

If you are facing the following problems stated below during your journey, please contact our upport centre or check the “damaged” section and report it as damaged so we can help you:


I forgot to lock the scooter;


I cannot lock the scooter;


The tariff counter was activated, but the scooter is still locked;


I started my ride with a damaged electric scooter.

To use the (active) coupon code, either go to the “Wallet” section on your Fiqsy App or it will be automatically asked when you scan the QR code.

If you tried to enter the coupon code and it didn't work, please contact our support center and we'll apply the rate.

Before you start a ride with Fiqsy, please look if the scooter looks in a drivable condition.


If you see any hanging cables or broken parts, please report it in the “damaged scooter” section. In this case, please use another Fiqsy scooter for driving.

When driving a Fiqsy electric scooter - safety is your top priority. You have to follow all the road rules and take care of your own self and your surroundings.

If an accident has occurred and you need medical attention, please call 113.


If you are injured, stay where you are until medics arrive.


If you are injured, please go to a safe place near the site of the event


As soon as all parties concerned are safe, please contact our support centre immediately.

In Latvia, an electric scooter is classified as Tourism and Recreation Inventory. Therefore, it does not require compulsory insurance.


If you are in an accident with Fiqsy, you carry the material responsibility for the damage caused to yourself, the Fiqsy scooter, and any third parties involved. Therefore be particularly careful with Fiqsy scooters.

All information about our customers is stored on a server protected by Regulation 2016/670 - (GDPR) of the European Parliament and of the Council.