All about Fiqsy

We are all moving. Because you have to catch up. We do everything we can on the phone or on the computer, but we also have to run places ourselves. Right here in the centre, across the bridges. From work to home, lunch. Seemingly close, but then a kilometre, second and third. And waiting in a traffic jam to get from one end of Elizabetes Street to the other is not in our taste.

We like FREEDOM, so we will not limit your possibilities within certain areas. You have a network of powerful electric scooters and an ecological car park. You are not tied to special pick-up and drop-off points or keys. Download the application and become one of us, who uses Fiqsy in our daily life – a dynamic, comfortable and suitable movement for you in the centre of Riga.


It’s simple – take it, leave it, leave it. And repeat. Together we also save the world a little. Well, just a little. But it is still important. And nice. Because one person can also save the world. Just get started. Just that simple. Because life is already complicated enough. And everything has to be done.

Make complicated things a little simpler. Be a part of the future. We like FREEDOM, so we expand your mobility with the electromobility service. It’s convenient, fast and green!

Maris, Anna and …… In a word, ourselves. A Latvian company that was born here and understands how to make life in Riga a little easier and faster, reducing haste and applying a little wisdom.

If you try and, if you like, recommend Fiqsy to your friends as well. And tell us if you want something different, better.

Probably not. However, we can fix it a bit (well, at least Riga) and make it a better place to live, work, enjoy!


The 100% electric cars and scooters get all their power from rechargeable batteries, which means they have no internal combustion engine and produces zero emissions while driving.

Fiqsy electric scooter and Fiqsy e-Auto will be the real helpers for easy and fast short distances within the city limits. Take, leave, leave. If you want cabin-like comfort and/or take longer distances, the Renault Zoe is the right choice. Fiqsy for every need of your life.

Air and noise pollution are at an all-time high and will only get worse if nothing is done. Electric driving is the first step in helping our environment regenerate and grow.