How it works

  • Download Fiqsy App and fill in the required information
  • Add your bank card details and take a photo of your driver's licence as well as upload a selfie (for cars only); the App will smoothly guide you through the process
  • Find the nearest scooter/car in Fiqsy App and reserve it, or see the next point if you are already by the vehicle
  • Press "Begin Ride" in the Fiqsy App (cars) or scan the QR code (scooters) to start. Enjoy your ride!
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    Park your vehicle within the allowed zone seen in the app and end the trip in Fiqsy App


It’s an emission-free electric car

100 comfortable Renault Zoes are at your service - charged, insured and clean

While driving, you can take advantage of using the public transport traffic lanes! Cut down your time spent in traffic jams, thus reaching your destination faster!

You can park free of charge at public parking spaces operated by Riga City and enter Jurmala free of charge

Renault Zoe is not only emission-free, it's exterior is made of 90% and interior fabrics made of 100% recyclable material

With fully charge battery you can drive more than 300 km

  • image/svg+xml Silent driving
  • image/svg+xml Space for 4 people
  • image/svg+xml Nature friendly

Best Cargo bus on the whole Planet!

15 durable VW Crafter vans in the most comfortable places of Riga are at your service

All you need, besides Fiqsy App, is a B category driver's licence

Cargo buses are simple to use - reserve and take it, transfer your goods and leave it (don't forget to End the Ride in the app). Simple as that - all in Fiqsy App

To leave the bus after your ride, pick any allowed parking location seen on the App

Either you need to move your private belongings or have any business-related transfer needs – we’ve got you covered with the VW Crafter!

  • image/svg+xml 2.1m width / 2.6m height
  • image/svg+xml 700 km mileage when starting with a full tank
  • image/svg+xml 3t load capacity

There is no better micro-mobility vehicle than the Scooter!

Cities are for living. With Scooters we save the world from unnecessary air and noise pollution - little by little

Enjoy Freedom of movement! Use Fiqsy scooters in your daily live - dynamic, comfortable and suitable micro-mobility in Riga and Jelgava

We have a network of > 500 powerful electric scooters, not tied to special parking places, at your service

It's so simple and enjoyable - just take it, ride it, leave it. And repeat

After enjoying your ride, make the Scooter available for the next person by ending your ride on the Fiqsy App. Please do not block public pathways and do prioritise pedestrians!

  • image/svg+xml Silent driving
  • image/svg+xml No traffic jams
  • image/svg+xml Easy parking