For Partners

  • Air and noise pollution;
  • Limited parking spaces and an increasing number of cars;
  • Growing demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions;
  • Limited short-term mobility solutions in the city centre.

Employees spend part of their working day attending meetings outside the company or visiting clients. One of the challenges is to find the most accurate, fastest, and most cost-effective way to commute.

Our vision is to offer convenient, ecological, and innovative mobility solution for overcoming short distances in Riga and out-side city. This will reduce the city’s air and noise pollution and help it to become an internationally recognised and attractive centre for green innovation.

We offer a new mobility solution if you need to commute in the city centre and beyond. A cooperation agreement is concluded, a place is agreed where a specific number of scooters and/or e-Cars is placed every day.

We offer your employees to use scooters and e-Cars for a special tariff. To use this tariff, the employee must authorise with the company’s e-mail address. Of course, all other nuances of cooperation must be discussed – we adapt them to each company individually!

  • Opportunity to position yourself as a sustainable company that thinks about the urban environment and contributes to reducing transport problems in the city;
  • Opportunity to save money by using the most advantageous transport and not keep your car fleet;
  • Efficiency in using staff resources without wasting staff time;
  • Be mentioned as green and innovative minded.